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Anonymous: Did icey make his Nordic face a few asks back when Fin couldn't remember Swe?? 

Not really, no. Ice is supposed to look horrified by the idea that Fin doesn’t even remember his husband.  I blame it on my lack of artistic skills. :P

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Iceland:  Only when they deserve it.

Anonymous: I missed you at the con *weeps* Are you going again in October? 

I am indeed! Already ordered the plane tickets and gotten a place to stay (lovely friends, yes yes), and I’ll buy the Expo tickets as soon as they’re for sale.  I know it’s, like, four months from now, but I’m excited already.

Really bad nightmare

Has always been best remedy…

Anonymous: I said your mullet was stupid 

Iceland:  You’re stupid.

Your mullet was stupid

Anonymous: quick q: why does admin hate satw? not trying to hate or be offensive, (don't like it myself much) but I would just like to know. Sorry if I offended you or anything.... 

No no, don’t worry, my friend, I’m not offended.  In fact, I shall answer your question:

I wrote a long-ass post about my main quarrels with her some months ago.

There you will find most of my thoughts on her.  That being said, I am aware of how incredibly hostile I come across, but it’s all bark and no bite.

But if you wish, I can give you a short answer, in the form of bulletins:

  • The majority (if not all?) the personifications are men, while the female counterparts are referred to as “Sister (Country)”, as if the male is the standard and being female is a trait.
  • (In Hetalia, the reason there are so many guys is because Himaruya didn’t feel confident enough to draw women, but now look at him, we have all these lovely girl countries!)
  • Humon acts as if she’s a supporter of trans people, gay people, ethnic minorities, etc., and she relishes in the praise (aka “cookies”) she gets for it, forgetting to actually, uh, support us.
  • That, and she treats trans people, gay people, and black people with a disgusting fetishising approach. For instance, the journal in which she stated that, “Three black men have made a move on me in a week… do black guys have a thing for fat girls?”  Yeah, because being attracted to chubby girls lies in the skin colour rather than the individual behind the skin.
  • Not to mention in her SatW series (which strictly should be “The Nordic Countries and the World”, I mean, shit, Scandinavia is just Norway, Sweden, and Denmark) she makes inappropriate “jokes” about recent events (see: Russia occupying Kiev).
  • She wrongly represents feminism and Europeans and Scandinavians.  I love Denmark, I love going to Denmark, I love the language, but if the word “Denmark” is going to make people think of her, I am going to have an aneurism.
  • Also, fuck her for linking to my “Porn Song” video on YouTube, practically showering me with people commenting things like, “Like this comment if Humon sent you here!!!!” (And also, fuck me for being a dumbass and not just disabling comments but in stead removing the entire video, and fuck the guy from Serbia who re-uploaded my video and refuses to take it down again.)

I said “short answer”, but once you pop you can’t stop.

I know there are people on my list of followers who like her.  I don’t understand why, and I would do a lot of things to make them see why she’s awful, but hey.  It can’t be helped.  I like a lot of shitty things (all of which are better than SatW, if I may be so bold).  If you disagree with me, by all means disagree with me.

So yeah, I hate SatW (and the rest of her shit) because of the same reason I hate paprika:  It tastes horrible, it stinks, it gives me a raging migraine, and it ruins my day.

(This will be the only time I talk about my dislike for this thing on this blog.  If you have things to add or questions for me, I wish to refer you to my main blog.)

MCM Comic Con

I’m just picturing Sweden standing by the closet in their bedroom, trying on every costume he’s ever owned, and not being able to decide what to wear, like, “FIN, D’YA LIKE THE DR. FRANK N. FURTER COSTUME OR D’YA LIKE THE DR. GIRLFRIEND OUTFIT?” and Fin is all like “It’s all nice, dear, wear whatever you want!” and Swe is all like, “BUT AH CAN’T DECIDE *SOB*”


(PS: I like chocolate and cats and cheestrings and hugs and kisses <3)

Anonymous: Finland: How would you and Sweden explain the "birds and the bees" to Sealand? 

Finland:  Sealand is a big boy, he already knows about this stuff!
Finland:  He knows about the importance of condoms, and that it’s important to please your partner as well as yourself, and that everything is okay as long as both or all of you are comfortable.
Finland:  I also gave him a few links to some websites that portray sex as something lovely rather than an act of dominance.
Finland:  He didn’t speak to me for a week.  I wonder why.

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